Our Programs

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Throughout all of our programs at YouthHOPE, we teach universal principles of youth ministry, not specific methods. Our intent is to be as contextual in our approach as possible. As we help lay a foundation for youth ministry, the youth workers we train work to shape their ministry in a way that will be best for their context.


Youth Leadership Academy (YLA)

Youth Leadership Academy is a 3 day program designed to equip and empower high school and college age youth with a call to leadership. YLA provides a biblical understanding of leadership, practical skills, and personal development to equip them to serve in their communities, resulting in stronger churches and community impact.


Youth Ministry Leadership Training (YMLT)

Youth Ministry Leadership Training is a 3-5 day program designed to equip and empower youth workers and leaders for increasingly effective contextualized youth ministry which strengthens their own churches and communities. YMLT provides a biblical, philosophical, and practical understanding of youth ministry for church leaders.


School of Youth Ministry Trainers (SYMT)

The School of Youth Ministry Trainers is a certification program comprised of multiple events and activity requirements over the course of one year that is designed to equip and empower passionate youth ministry leaders to train others to begin or improve youth ministry in their regions. SYMT equips locally based youth ministry trainers to equip the church to invest in youth in their communities.



The YouthHOPE team is uniquely equipped and qualified to provide specialized youth ministry consulting. We also offer other leadership and organizational development services such as strategic planning, coaching, mentoring, and more.

Please contact us about how we can customize our services for you.