Our Team


Jesse Frame

Director of Programming & Regional Liaison for Asia

Jesse began at New International in 2008 and after serving in Australia joined YouthHOPE in 2013. Jesse is extremely passionate about the global, yet relational ministry of YouthHOPE. During his time at YouthHOPE, Jesse has had the privilege of training youth workers in over 20 countries. “Something that means a lot to me is hearing stories from our partners about how youth are not only being discipled but how their lives are being changed -- whether through health, education, opportunities, churches or youth ministries being started.”


Dale Puckett

Director of Operations & Regional Liaison for Europe

Dale joined YouthHOPE in December of 2014 after working for many years as a youth pastor in the local church. “In being introduced to YouthHOPE, I recognized that many youth globally did not have trained youth workers to invest in their lives and offer the hope of Jesus. As a result, I felt God calling me and my family to something BIGGER. I believe that YouthHOPE is making a difference globally by developing leaders to impact youth in their contexts. I believe this is significant in disciple-making and I am grateful to be a part of it!”


Scott Ribble

Strategic Initiatives

Scott has been with the YouthHOPE team since August of 2017 and is currently serving as our Strategic Initiatives and Program Manager. Most of his current work is development of back end operational systems - like CRM (Customer Relations Management), travel management, and financial processes - to help our team be as effective as possible. “I'm convinced that investing in youth for the Kingdom of God is one of the most strategic ways to spread the hope of the good news of Jesus to see lives be transformed by that hope.”


Rebekah Saum

REgional liaison for Africa & the Americas

Rebekah joined the YouthHOPE team as an apprentice in March of 2018 and has since become a full-time teammate serving as the Regional Liaison for Africa and the Americas. Her main focus is to care for our partners and global youth workers in those areas as well as help coordinate events in those regions. Rebekah is extremely passionate about the work of YouthHOPE. “I know that having a trained youth worker and/or mentor can radically impact the life of a young person to not only improve their life, but to help them live out their calling as a follower of Christ. I love that we get to impact the lives of countless young people by investing in the local leaders who serve them.”


Christian Arnold


Christian began his apprenticeship in April of 2019. He has been learning from YouthHOPE, in order to train in the area of global youth ministry before he and his wife, Elisabeth, head to do youth work on the field in Ireland next year. “At the same time that youth are discovering who they are and who God has called them to be, their lives are being influenced by social, cultural, political, mental, and economic factors - both positive and negative - that they have no control over. Therefore, it is pivotal that they have godly youth leaders who will walk with them through these times and help them to see God's plan for their life.”

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