10 years. 35 Countries.

Thousands of youth.

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YouthHOPE has used the philosophy “Partner. Equip. Multiply.” over the past ten years to reach thousands of youth and raise up youth leaders in over 35 countries. We are committed to seeing transformation happen in the lives of global youth by equipping leaders to help youth live and think like Jesus.


How we work


It is important to YouthHOPE to partner with local leaders and church congregations in each region we serve.

We value relationships. These individuals can transform communities, churches, and lives long after YouthHOPE is in the area. This partnership exists on a variety of levels.

  • We remain in contact, share information and best practices, and listen to those living and working in these contexts for the best methods and communication styles.

  • We work with both youth and youth workers/leaders to ensure the most effective ministry possible.

  • Many of our conferences bring people together from across a region, thus we are able to facilitate networking and partnership across existing ministries.



Equipping individuals with the tools and resources to feel confident about reaching their youth is at the core of what we do.

We lead trainings and provide resources for global youth ministry leaders. We have three training programs which are each uniquely geared towards people at different stages of the youth ministry process.

  • Our Youth Leadership Academy is centered around providing leadership skills to youth.

  • The Youth Ministry Leadership Training is geared towards those wishing to start or expand a youth program in their area and those who are seeking more resources for youth ministry initiatives.

  • Lastly, the School of Youth Ministry Trainers is for individuals who have implemented the work they have learned during YMLT and wish to train others in that same capacity.

To learn more about our programs, click here.



Our programs are set up with multiplication in mind - beginning with empowering those to reach individuals all the way to equipping leaders to raise up more leaders.

Not only is our programming set up this way, but we continue our partnership after the trainings - reaching out with further resources, staying in communication for prayer requests and encouragement, and organizing field visits to observe the work our partners are leading. Our School of Youth Ministry Trainers is designed specifically to solidify this idea of multiplication.

Ultimately, our goal is to equip leaders for self-sustaining, leadership-raising, youth-centered ministries.


Do you want to make a difference in the lives of global youth?