What I Learned As a YouthHOPE Apprentice...

Devin Hubbard, YouthHOPE Apprentice

My name is Devin Hubbard, and I am an apprentice with YouthHope until the end of December.  After my apprenticeship, I will be moving to serve in Chiang Mai, Thailand full-time to serve marginalized youth. Before knowing YouthHope, I thought my two passions of youth ministry and missions were mutually exclusive. Since then, I’ve longed to learn the tools of global youth ministry to help youth living in Asia. I’ve known that the needs of global youth are overwhelming, but during my time with YouthHope I have learned that their assets are even greater. My most impactful takeaway is discovering the practicality of empowering youth, and through God’s power I am completely capable of doing it.