Medaling for Good

April Rothweiler, YouthHOPE

The Olympics are here! My family and I have the games tuned in 24/7! We are excited to root for teams and watch in wonder as the Olympians conquer great feats that we don’t even dream try! But did you know….

Right around the corner from the Olympics in Rio De Janeiro there are brothels of underage trafficked youth? It’s true. While we are lounging comfortably in our living rooms watching trained athletes competing in the Olympics, many are struggling to make it through another day. They are watching the competitors and spectators come and go, wishing for someone to save them, see them, hear them. You can find the story here.

Along the Highway of Death (Rodovia da Morte), girls as young as nine are being sold for sex. The area is known for it’s “unofficial bartering system.” ( I am not telling you this to ward you off the Olympics. In fact, quite the opposite: I want to tug on your heartstrings to pray for these youth every time you turn on the T.V. to watch. I want you to pray continually after the Olympics are long gone. I want you to yearn for change so much that you choose to go on a short-term project to serve in this area. If you cannot go, I want you to give to our organization so we can continue to serve youth such as these when we train up youth workers to reach the lost and broken. Will you pray, go, or give today?