Getting to the root of the problem; talking about sex.

April Rothweiler, YouthHOPE

Society tells us that non-marital sex is okay. The bible tells us that sex is sacred to marriage. No matter which you believe, sex is meant to be consensual. When I was growing up, sex was something that wasn’t talked about. Parents didn’t spend time educating their kids about sex because it was a “difficult” or “dirty” topic. I was told not to have sex, but not why I shouldn’t, or what the consequences would be (both short and long term). I don’t think it is much different today, or maybe it’s worse… With all the controversial issues floating about today, it seems that sex has become a recreational act that is either encouraged or ignored. This reality needs to change. We need to talk with our kids about sex. It isn’t dirty or wrong. It is an exciting, beautiful experience that can be amazing, just as God intended it. Fear of the “sex conversation” is only fueling curiosity in teens and now even pre-teens. This leads to experimentation, watching (and getting addicted to) porn, and in some cases; non-consensual sex. As youth grow into adults who have never been educated about what sex should or is supposed to look like, some become sexual predators or johns. If you need help talking to your kids about sex, please ask for help! Your local church, or community health center has resources and people waiting to help you tackle this important topic. Beyond that, there are local groups and online resources that offer sex education for free. Sex education isn’t the only root problem, but it is one of many ways you can start to make a change in the evil that is human trafficking.