Youth Ministry in Zimbabwe

Drew McClary, YouthHOPE

In a 2016 index of Economic Freedom, 178 countries were ranked from most economically and politically free countries.  Of the 178 countries ranked, Zimbabwe came in at 176 being out beaten for the worlds most repressed nations by North Korea, Cuba, and Venezuela.  Since 2011 YouthHOPE has been developing partnerships with several local ministries to equip leaders to address the holistic needs present in the nation’s youth. These leaders are being trained not only to help address these needs but to challenge and engage youth in making a difference in their own communities, nation, and the world. We are excited to play a role in the development of a new youth pastor network that we hope will have wide reaching impact on the growth of the church in Zimbabwe by engaging youth in a meaningful and holistic way. 

You can be a part of youth ministry in Zimbabwe by praying for global youth workers, going on short-term projects, or by giving towards YouthHOPE ministry efforts in Zimbabwe.