Youth Leadership in the Philippines

-- Dale Puckett, Director of Operations

Youth Leadership Academy - Philippines.JPG

YouthHOPE’s newest program, Youth Leadership Academy (YLA), has begun with great success. In May, we were able to invest in the lives of 50 youth in Mindanao, a southern province in the Philippines. We launched YLA in November and December of 2017 in Kenya and Thailand. The program is specifically designed for youth ages 15-24 to develop biblical leadership skills, enhance spiritual formation, and create a community action plan to positively impact their schools, communities, and church.


These students were deeply engaged and took the development of the community action plan seriously. For many, it was the first time they heard that God created them for a purpose and had called and equipped them to serve others. This could go a long way in seeing the lives of others being transformed in Jesus’ Name.

We have heard several stories of these plans being put into action. This last week, a pastor’s wife shared about youth from their church who had successfully began a bi-weekly feeding program for over 30 children in their village. During the feeding program, these youth also lead games, songs, and a Bible story sharing the hope found in Jesus. This was accomplished without the help of church leaders or other adults. We are excited that youth are believing they have the ability to serve Jesus NOW and not wait until they are “adults”.

The School of Youth Ministry Trainers is Coming to Africa!

--Jesse Frame, Director of Programming


I am SUPER EXCITED that the first session of our next School of Youth Ministry Trainers is scheduled to begin August 23, 2018. AfricaHope, a ministry of NMSI, will host our year-long program which takes youth ministry workers and equips them to train even more youth workers in their own languages, contexts, and communities. This is leadership multiplication!

After such wonderful success from our pilot program in North India, we knew AfricaHope in Kenya was an ideal location, allowing us to draw students from all over southern and eastern Africa. As of today, we have 11 applicants from 6 African nations. Please continue to pray for the right leaders to attend. Logistical preparations are underway and we are excited to see what God will do over the next year.

Global Youth Ministry Summit

--Rebekah Saum, YouthHOPE Apprentice


Several experiences in my own life have taught me that people need to be cared for and encouraged. We all have moments where we need someone to invest kindness and care in our lives. Sometimes we need people to give us permission to rest. That is the lens I was looking through as we prepared for and held the Global Youth Worker Summit in Kenya.

I had the privilege of communicating with a lot of the invitees before the Summit and I also had some one-on-one time with most of them during the Summit. I learned that each one had their own set of challenges they were facing as they came to the Summit.


What was so special for me during this trip was that God gave us the opportunity to do much more for these servants than simply welcome them and give them a room to stay. We got to create a space for them where they could learn from each other, create new relationships, be reminded of why they do what they do, learn new things, and be inspired to continue to invest in the lives of young people.

I know without a doubt that each one of these servants of God left the Summit feeling valued, cared for, and invested in not only by the YouthHope team, but by each other. And not because of what they do or what they can produce, but for who they are. They all left saying how encouraged and inspired they were to keep serving the youth of their communities. It's just amazing to me that God lets us be a part of that

Cycling for Youth Workers in Africa

- Dale Puckett, Dir. of Operations

KWBR 2018.jpg

One of YH’s major partners is Ends of the Earth Cycling, which is also a ministry of NMSI.  Ends of the Earth Cycling exists to promote and resource global youth ministries. We believe that through unique opportunities like the Key West Bike Ride, cyclists can be empowered to tell the story and provide resources for some incredible global youth ministry efforts. This is one of five domestic tours that will impact tens of thousands of youth in Africa and Asia. The Key West bike ride will be highlighting a ministry investing in the lives of youth in Africa. If you are a cyclist (or desire to support cyclists on this ride), we want to share with you the impact you will have. You’ll be part of helping continue the work at YouthHOPE’s School of Youth Ministry Trainers in Africa.

  • Training local youth ministry trainers. This is a new strategy that YouthHOPE launched in 2017. And we believe it is one of the most important ways we can ensure youth have leaders and mentors who are equipped to invest holistically in their lives. We are not just training youth pastors but training leaders to continue to raise up youth workers in their churches and communities.
  • 2nd School of Youth Ministry Trainers. In 2017, we trained youth ministry trainers from India, Bhutan, Nepal, and the Philippines, and they have already trained hundreds of workers, more than we were able to train in Asia over the last three years. We believe the same will happen in Kenya, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo as we launch in August.
  • Multiplication instead of just addition. We are excited about how this will exponentially impact more youth than we could ever imagine. It’s like shifting your bike onto the big ring. You get so much more output than you put into it. We estimate that this project will touch the lives of more than 50,000 African youth over the next three years. It is our hope and prayer that most of them will then be able to experience the saving and transforming love of Jesus Christ.

Registration closes on February 1st. Act now and don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform the lives of global youth in a very tangible way.  For more information, visit or to register CLICK HERE.